105 weeks later...

Ha! Wow. LJ politely informs me that my last post here was 105 weeks ago. What on earth have I been doing since then? Well, quite a darned bit, actually: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joanreilly/
I was amused to realize upon uploading those projects to Flickr (yes it took me that long to make this realization) that I did two comics in one year with the name 'Barbara" in the title, and I don't even like that name! Weird.
Anyway, other stuff I've done in the last 105 weeks:

Trained as a veterinary support-staff member
Became official "Property Manager" for two houses in Montclair, NJ, a house on Shelter Island and a house in Red Hook, Brooklyn
Spent a weekend in the country with 6 of the raddest ladies ever to walk the earth
Lost and then gained back again the same 8-10 pounds (currently back on a losing trend--hooray!)
Became co-editor of an upcoming comics anthology (and blogmistress of the antho's blog): http://bigfeministbut.blogspot.com/
Moved TWICE. Yes, twice. Fun!

Oh there must be tons of other things, but Oly is bugging me for a walk, so I'll end it here. That way there will be more to talk about next time!